Sleep Well Tonight, Wake Up Refreshed

Because... Sleep is beautiful thing !

Good Sleep is Necessary

Without the deep, recuperative sleep that is necessary for good health, you can suffer from many undesired effects.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation may be a associated with:
Poor decision-making, poor judgment, increased risk-taking
Poor performance in school, on the job, and in sports
Impaired driving performance and increased risk of car accidents
Increased incidence of obesity, diabetes, illness in general, high blood pressure, and heart disease
Impaired memory, concentration, and ability to learn
Physical impairment, poor coordination, delayed reaction time
Anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems
Magnification of the effects of alcohol on the body
Exacerbation of the symptoms of ADHD, such as impulse control, irritability, and lack of concentration
Sleep is the restorative process that ensures that our bodies can function properly.